Leadership in Wonder Woman

屏幕快照 2017-10-27 下午8.55.13As movies become a more important part of the media in today’s world, people can learn a lot of things. There are many films released focusing on the topic of leadership. Movies today demonstrate arts of leadership in many aspects, such as how to motivate employees and how to become an inspirational leader. A more recent Movie that was produced is Wonder Woman, a story about how a woman with magical power defeated the evil god of war. This paper will discuss Wonder Woman and how it relates to elements of leadership.

Wonder Woman was released in 2017, and directed by Patty Jenkins, (IMDB 2017). This film mainly illustrates a story about how Princess Diana, with mysterious power, defeats evil Ares, the god of war and saves the world. Diana was born in the hidden island of Themyscira, which is completely isolated from the outside world. There, she met Steve Trevor, a spy of an American intelligence agency working with Britain. He was on a mission to find the German bioweapon. After learning Trevor’s tory, Diana decided to go with him because she was sure that the person that started the war was Ares. Then Steve, Diana, and three other men formed a team to destroy the bioweapon. At the end of the film, Diana successfully killed Ares, who was in disguise of Sir Patrick, a high-level German military officer, and saved the world from the misery of the First World War.

After watching the film, elements of leadership can be easily found in it. The main character, Princess Diana, shows a number of leadership traits. First of all, she has great charisma. This actually is a very important trait to a leader. “Successful leaders are magnetizing and charming which inspires devotion in their followers” (B. Downard, 2017). In this film, Diana has a very likable image, with great body shape, beautiful face as well as good personality. Compared to others, such a person could persuade people to follow her more easily. A great first impression can increase the chances of people being willing to listen to her and follow her lead. A second leadership trait that can be found on Diana is integrity. Diana could have chosen to stay in the isolated island, but for the sake of human race, she comes out to fight for the people who could not fight for themselves. She knows what the right thing to do is and she is not afraid to do it. A great sense of integrity persuades others to follow a leader, (Downard). So, when Diana exemplifies integrity in herself, people are more likely to follow her lead. Another trait found in Princess Diana is confidence. There is a line from the movie can best demonstrate her confidence. When they were near the No Man’s land, which refers to trenches occupied by German soldiers, Steve told Diana that no one could cross the land and asked her to leave. However, Diana replied, “I am the man who can” with great confidence (K. Cleary, 2017). Not everyone has such great confidence, so when Diana showed this kind of confidence, she impressed many soldiers around her, If Diana was not confident enough, she could not persuade Steve to trust her and she could not have managed to cross the land. Thus, this confidence makes Diana a better leader. In addition, according to John Boitnott, “Inspiration is a leadership skill” and Diana is an extremely inspiring person (2017). In the movie, Diana shows great power and energy. One of the most inspiring things she did was to push back the trenches that were occupied by German soldiers for years as mentioned. That scene demonstrates two things: First, Diana is very brave; Second, Diana has great power. Both of those things can inspire people and let them to follow her lead. As a result, the British soldiers were all encouraged and became braver to move forward to fight. When thinking about real world, such traits can be seen from many great leaders. Furthermore, Diana also possesses a very crucial characteristic of leader: excellent personal abilities in a specialized field. In this movie, it refers to her ability to win a battle. As she has great energy and magical power, Diana performs extremely well in the battlefield. She can even break the trenches which a group of soldiers cannot break for almost a year. This fairly demonstrates her excellent ability and thus made other soldiers more convinced by her. Therefore, it became more likely that the soldiers would be willing to follow her lead.

In conclusion, Wonder Woman is a movie which displays many elements of leadership. The main character, Princess Diana possesses a number of essential leadership traits, such as charisma, confidence, integrity, inspiration, excellent personal abilities. Those traits made her an excellent leader in their team. In addition, all of those traits can be found in real life and they should also be something that leaders try to obtain. Therefore, the film shows a great deal of leadership.




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